List of Most Commonly
Troublesome Salicylates

The following "salicylates" have been shown by the best available research, and clinical trials and experience to be the most common problems for people using the Feingold diet, so they will also be eliminated at the beginning of this ADHD Diet. If you are known or suspected to be extremely salicylate-sensitive, you you may need to consider the Australian FAILSAFE diet which is more limited in allowed salicylates.

See more information about salicylates.

Avoid at the start but test for tolerance later:

  • Natural Flavoring (may contain salicylate)
  • Natural Coloring (may contain salicylate)

Avoid anything -- food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, art supplies -- that has any of the following ingredients.

  • Aspirin and products containing aspirin or salicylic acid or any ingredient with "salicyl" in its name

  • Salicylates to be avoided when beginning the Cave Man's ADHD Diet:
    • Almonds
    • Apples
    • Apricots
    • Berries (all)
    • Cherries
    • Chili powder
    • Cider & cider vinegar (apples)
    • Cloves
    • Coffee
    • Cucumbers & pickles
    • Currants
    • Grapes & raisins
    • Nectarines
    • Oranges
    • Paprika
    • Peaches
    • Peppers (bell & chili)
    • Plums, prunes
    • Tangerines
    • Tea
    • Tomatoes
    • Wine & wine vinegar (grapes)
    • Oil of wintergreen (methyl salicylate) ... also teaberry oil
    • Rose hips or acerola (often found in vitamins)